Burning Money (Part 2)

My Orange phone bill came in a few days ago.

I really must stop calling all those sex chat-up lines…


I blame London.  I was there last month, and a friend and I came across this telephone booth.  I should point out that we were walking back from a restaurant in Mayfair to the hotel on Park Lane, so don’t be accusing me of straying off to some seedy part of London.  I should additionally point out that the image below is probably work-safe, as they’ve covered the nipples with stars and this was, after all, in a public phone box!



Copious Quantities of Japanese Sake + Ridiculous Hotel Cocktails + Wallpapers of Porn Phone Numbers = Regrettable Mobile Bill Hangover


Oh – and I’m particularly amused that BT have a “how was it for you?” sticker in the phone box (to the left of the phone)…  With hindsight, I should really have used that payphone rather than my mobile…

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