Reboot for 2017

Oops! Smile with tongue out

My last post was in August 2014? Oh dear, that’s a bit of a lag…! Also, an additional déjà vu for the gist of this post, as I’m sure some previous posts here have gone “oh, hello, I haven’t posted for a while”!

I don’t really have an excuse for the extremely sporadic posts. Having said that, it’s not like the world has been craving for my Herculean wit.

Since 2014, I’ve had some adventures. My company has moved office (we’re based in Banchory now), I’ve travelled a lot, I’ve been the JCI National President and then subsequently a JCI Vice President for Europe (phew, that’s a mouthful of a job title), and have generally been having a (mostly alcohol-fuelled) stonkingly good time.

2017 promises more of the same. I might become a slightly more visible (and public!) character (we shall see), I intend to spend more time improving and growing the business, I want to tangentially deviate a bit from my usual working life to spend some time in youth development, and I intend to continue the theme of living life by creating ridiculous memories with friends.

Let’s see how it goes, eh? Also (and back to that “public life” hint), I might have to post more of those exploits here. Thank goodness no-one really reads this blog, right? Right?!?

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