Burning money (Part 1)

As folk may (or may not) know, I currently drive an incredibly ridiculous car – the Audi RS 6.  Everything about the car is excessively stupid for what I desperately keep claiming(/justifying) is a family estate car.

5.0 litre V10 twin-turbo.  572bhp.  0-62mph in 4.6 seconds.  650Nm torque (and delivered pretty much in a straight line, rather than a curve – see the chart a bit down this page).  Near £100,000 price tag (thanks to silly amount of pointless optional extras like the £6,000 ceramic brakes).  All wrapped up in an unassumingly plain family estate car (well, that’s what I say, anyway).

Not that there aren’t greater things to complain about, but the car does have it’s downside.  The 333g/km CO2 emissions, for one (to contrast, the emissions from the friend-of-the-green-brigade Toyota Prius is 89g/km).  Every time I drive the car, I probably pump out enough emissions to melt a polar icecap somewhere, or choke dead an innocent baby seal.

Unfortunately, the sheer petrol-thirst of the car is also hitting the wallet.  The evidence:


That’s for a full tank of petrol.  £95 (or $145 to my American friends)!  For 80 litres.  To put this in context – that will last me approximately 1 week of normal commuting.  Or a single return journey from Aberdeen to Edinburgh (that’s a 250 mile round-trip).  Yep – the 15-20 mpg fuel consumption certainly takes its toll.

Having said that – the car is fun.  Oh, dear goodness, it’s sheer, ridiculous fun.  I’m just over 1.5 years of ownership, and it still provides childish glee.

But…  My reality-check is kicking in.  And despite the childish glee, I’m starting to wonder whether it really is worth all the utter excessiveness.  I love my toy.  But it really is an utterly pointless, excessive, expensive, unjustifiable toy.  But, it’s fun

Buyer’s remorse.  Gah!

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