Windows Phone 8 – Here we come!

Just a short post! I’ve been *very* fortunate to be invited by the UK Windows Phone team to attend the Windows Phone 8 launch event in London on 29th October!

I’ll be making the most of my opportunity to touch, stroke, rub and fondle the latest Windows Phone handsets from Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others! Exciting, exciting times!

Anyhoo – if you have any burning questions for the Windows Phone team, any of the handset manufacturers, or indeed just want an opinion on anything while I’m down there, drop a comment/question below and I’ll do my level best to get an answer for you! 😀

Windows Phone 7 launches tomorrow

If you live in the UK, then hopefully you are aware that Windows Phone 7 launches tomorrow.

Windows Phone

Anyone who has been near me for the past few months will not have failed to know about this.  It is all I talk about, and something I’ve been gearing up for over the last few months.  Back in May, I blogged about how Windows Phone 7 would knit your social universe together in one device.

Well – the time is nearing where we, the general public, can get our hands on these phones – launch day is tomorrow!

Yes – as of Thursday, 21st October 2010 – you will be able to buy Windows Phone 7 handsets from your local store, or online.  I have two handsets lined up for myself from Orange – the Samsung Omnia 7 and the HTC 7 Mozart.

If you want to know more about Windows Phone 7, discover the major features here.  Engage with the community at the official Windows Phone UK Facebook page, and chat with like-minded individuals at the Windows Phone Backstage forums.

And finally – I’d recommend avoiding me in the near future if you don’t want to get oversaturated with demos of what Windows Phone 7 can do.  In addition to having two handsets to demo, I’ve also today become a "Windows Phone 7 Expert” and will fire all my newly learned sales patter directly at you! Winking smile

Windows Phone 7 Expert certificate

(P.S. If you want to become an Expert yourself, pop over here to learn and certify!)