Is Microsoft Falling *Into* Favour Again?

Interesting…  Microsoft posts a new blog entry about enhancements to File Copying in Windows 8, and the Interweb gets into a fairly excited tizzy!  Now bear in mind that File Copying – whilst utterly essential in an Operating System – is hardly a topic to get excited about.  However, judging by the coverage in various techie news sites – there’s definitely some pent-up enthusiasm for anything to do with Windows 8!  Monday’s post on USB 3.0 support was also similarly well covered.

As a long-time Microsoft proponent, there is definitely a sea-change in the perception of Microsoft and its products in recent years – especially around its consumer products.  Windows 7 and Office 2010 were really well received, Xbox 360 has been the best selling games console for over a year, and Windows Phone 7 has been universally lauded (although the commercial success has yet to materialise).

This is great news all-round, and I’m eager to see how warm a welcome the next wave of consumer products and technologies will receive!

Anyway – for the uber-geeks amongst us, feel free to get excited about File Copying here!

Figure 3 - Consolidated copy (more details view) Figure 4 - Pause (more details view)

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