I’m not Dead (but you probably wished I were :-)

10th November?!?

That’s a long, long passage of not much happening in this space, if measured in Blog Time!

I guess it’s because I’m usually in the habit of writing overtly long, pompously pretentious drivel that spilled across multiple pages and required hours to read.  I haven’t had time recently to write that sort of guff…

However, I do realise that I’m remiss for not popping any updates at all, so this will now be rectified…

I commit – at the very least – to write (or notify) about stuff that gives me a raging hard-on.  Thankfully, these are usually technology-related, so no hentai schoolgirl links here (clean dictionary definition here).

On the odd occasion, I may also find time on my hands…  At which point I’ll write another bit of overtly long, pompously pretentious drivel that I know no-one will read.

Yippee – the interweb being polluted with yet more nonsense! Smile

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