Greece may be imploding as a result of its own financial meltdown.  The UK elections are reaching fever pitch, with potentially one of the most exciting outcomes for over a century (especially if you’re pro-LibDem).

And I’m excited.  Over my new toy… 🙂  Yep – my priorities are in all the wrong order again…!

 DSC03318 DSC03320

Since it was announced at the start of the year, I’ve been waiting for the new Sony DSC-HX5V to become available in the UK.

It’s here, and I’m happy.  I now have a newer, nicer, compact camera job that can get thrown around and used to capture much drunken hilarity.

Which is well-timed, as I’m down in Edinburgh this weekend for an evening of utterly irresponsible drunken “hilarity”.  If I don’t end up in hospital having my stomach pumped, then the weekend is a failure.

My business meeting on Monday in Edinburgh should prove interesting… 😉

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