Reorganising Photos

I’ve had a couple of false starts when trying to reorganise and upload photos…  However, third time lucky?

I’ve nailed down a fairly robust workflow for processing all of my photos now – it’ll just take some time to carry out.

I have been organised enough to arrange my photos into grouped events based on dates (for instance, ECTS 2000 on the 03rd September 2000), so it’s just a case of processing these batches one at a time…

First, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to rotate photos, perform basic photo clean ups (such as removing red-eye) and add the basic metadata – that is, apply some People Tags, other Descriptive Tags and perhaps a few captions.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

I then reload the batch of images in Microsoft Expression Media 2 – this handy application allows me to add some geotag data to relevant photos.  I do particularly like Expression Media, as the app opens a Bing Maps window where I can just drag and drop my photos onto a geographic location.  This tags my photos with a set of GPS co-ordinates.

Expression Media 2

I then take those GPS tagged photos and run them through Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2, which has a handy feature that resolves GPS co-ordinates with Location Information, such as the City, State/Region, Country, etc.

Pro Photo Tools 2

Finally, I come back into Windows Live Photo Gallery to upload the photo batch into my Windows Live SkyDrive as part of my photo collection.

WLPG Publishing

Phew!  That’s one folder down – only a couple of hundred to go…

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