My Friends, “friends” and FRIENDS

OK – so it might be a massive pile of marketing shite, and there’s no way I’ll end up as trendy (or as young) as the target market of the Microsoft KIN, but one of the core messages in the KIN reveal and launch really struck a chord with me.  Given the collection of contacts I’ve built up over the years, and the fact that I’ve just now succumbed to the whole social networking thing (thanks, peer pressure) – it does have me thinking who are my Friends, “friends” and FRIENDS.

If you can sit through a pile of pretentious gash on how trendy (and apparently jobless) people swim in the social ocean, this quick marketing video nonsense encapsulates what I’m trying to find out for myself…


So…  Where do you sit?  And more honestly, would you actually care?!?  🙂

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